WhatsApp Message Reaction Also Introduced In Pakistan

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WhatsApp, the world’s largest and most popular instant messaging application, has introduced a message reaction feature in Pakistan as well as in other parts of the world.

WhatsApp introduced a new feature, which was initially available in a few other countries, including the United States and Europe. , After which it was introduced to a limited number of users in January 2022.

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Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post on May 5 that the feature has been made available to everyone. At the same time, he said that work is underway to further improve the said feature and it will also include reactions of other emotions including help, thanksgiving, and compliment emojis.

After the US and Europe, Pakistani users were also given access to the reaction feature and most Pakistanis were unaware of the feature. The Reaction feature allows users to express their feelings at any match with 6 different emojis.

Pakistani consumers have been given the opportunity to express their feelings through emojis such as shaking hands, shedding tears, expressing surprise, smiling, expressing love, and expressing likes. The feature works just like the way users express their opinions via emojis on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger match.

Once the feature is introduced, every user will see the message when they view the message and after selecting it, there will be signs of emojis, from which they will be able to express their opinion through any one of the emojis.

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This connotation message is also received by the sender after the user has commented on any match via emoji. The Reaction feature is only for Android and iOS users, meaning it can only be used on mobile. Soon after this feature, Pakistani users will be able to access other new features of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp recently increased the number of group members from 256 to 512, but so far this feature has not been introduced in Pakistan.

In this way, WhatsApp has now introduced the feature message reaction of sending HD quality video up to 2 GB in any table and it has not been introduced in Pakistan yet but soon both the features will be able to be used by Pakistani users.

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