The World’s Smallest And Fastest Power Bank

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Larger than a box of matches, the device is the world’s most powerful and fastest power bank, having gone through all the stages of investing with the crowdfunding website IndieGo. Named “Airbank”, it can be attached to the back of any phone without a magnet.

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It has a kind of suction (adhesive) system inside which helps it to stick to any surface and therefore it provides fast charging to the phone with 5500 mAh power. It also has the distinction of being the world’s smallest wireless power bank. It is specially designed so that even a heavy smartphone can last while charging.

The most important thing is that thanks to Airbank, there is no need for heavy and large power banks. Then the need to connect the wires is also eliminated. Soft rubber round suction pumps are mounted on the back of the power bank so that it sticks to the phone. It has two benefits. Firstly the magnet cannot stick to every phone and secondly charging is also lost in this process.

While in Airbank this process is almost non-existent. This way it can be connected to any phone and charge it fast while for other phones it also has wire included. It is 30% smaller than the world’s smallest powerbank but doubles its efficiency. Omarko, the company that makes it, says Airbnb has been subjected to repeated rigors. Airbnb is priced at $78.

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