The Afghan Taliban Banned TikTok And PubG

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The Taliban government in Afghanistan has banned the short video sharing application TikTok and Encounter Game PubG to prevent the spread of immoral content and prevent the new generation from spoiling it. Governments of other countries, including Pakistan and India, have been banning TikTok and PubG before the Taliban regime.

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Both applications have been described in Europe and the United States as being against national security and harmful to mental health. According to reports, Inamullah Samangani, Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, confirmed the ban on both apps in a tweet in Pashto.

The deputy spokesman in his tweet called Tik Tak a spread of immoral content while PubG called it an app to mislead the new generation. He wrote in his tweet that there was a need to banned TikTok and pubg to save the new generation from spoiling. At the same time, he pointed to the TV channels and wrote that they too must stop broadcasting inappropriate and immoral content as soon as possible.

Although the deputy spokesman instructed the TV channels to block unethical content, he did not specify what kind of content should not be aired on the channels. Afghanistan has been under Taliban rule since the US withdrawal in August 2021 and has been banned on a number of issues, including new guidelines for women’s clothing, education, and travel alone. The Taliban government has also made it mandatory for men to have a beard for government employment, while activities in fashion, modeling, music, art, and other fine arts have also been banned.

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