Mercedes Electric Car Travels To Four Countries In One Charge

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Mercedes-Benz’s concept electric car has traveled more than a thousand kilometers, traveling four countries on one charge. The world’s best-performing electric car, the Mercedes Vision EQX, began its journey in the German city of Sڈndelfengen and completed its journey to the southern French city of Cassis, passing through Switzerland and Italy.

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The car also covered the actual traffic situation of the cities during the trip, speeding on the motorways at 140 kmph and a part of the Swiss mountain range Alps. Marcus Schaefer, chief technology officer at German carmaker Mercedes-Benz Group AG, told the Associated Press: Contains Vision EQX is the result of a comprehensive program that provides a blueprint for the future of automotive engineering.

We will keep exploring its potential range. ”The trip was completed in a single day, during which the car covered a total distance of 1,008 km and had 15% battery charge even after reaching the destination.

The Vision EQXX is currently a concept car and therefore not commercially available, but the company hopes to provide a blueprint for future vehicles with some advanced features already in production. Have been done. The car also includes a fixed solar roof with 117 solar cells that charge a 12-volt battery and power electronics systems such as in-vehicle navigation systems.

This solar system prevents the main battery from being lost and increases the range of the vehicle by about 2%. “The Vision EQXX is the most efficient Mercedes car ever built,” said Ola Calenius, chairman of Mercedes’ board of management. The technology program behind it marks a milestone in the development of electric vehicles.

This reinforces our strategic goal of leading electric vehicles. ”The Mercedes car’s more than 1,000-kilometer journey is close to the world record for other electric vehicles traveling on everyday roads.

It, Less than the battery-powered Tesla’s Model S, which covered a distance of 1,200 km on a single charge. Mercedes’ success was not only more than double the range of Tesla’s standard vehicles, but also more than the maximum range of any large-scale petrol-powered vehicle.

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