7 Sponsored Post Networks Join For Paid Blogging Opportunities

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You want to earn money from your Sponsored Posts on social media, but how? What are the steps you need to take? What do you need to do when you first start out? Are there any tricks or shortcuts to earning from Sponsored Posts that you could use? If so, how do you go about them?

These are all questions that people ask every day. Luckily, with this Ultimate Guide on how to earn from Sponsored Posts, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the subject so that you can earn the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time possible!

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What is a sponsored post?

A sponsored post is a form of advertising. It’s when a company pays you to write about them. There are several ways to earn money through sponsored posts, including what you’re going to learn today—performing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means that you get paid when people buy something after clicking on one of your links or ads. You don’t get paid every time someone visits your site or views your content; rather, you only get paid when a person takes action and purchases a product or service because they clicked on one of your links or ads.

Using sponsored posts as an income source does take more effort than most methods, but it can also be much more lucrative for those willing to put in that extra work!

How I Earned $700 From Sponsored Posts

I’ve worked with brands in sponsored posts for a couple of years now. This is what I’ve learned along the way. First, it’s very important to have an audience that trusts you and knows your brand before you start working with companies.

To build a community around your topic or niche first and then move on to sponsored posts. One mistake people make is that they start trying to earn money from their site as soon as they launch it. Not a good idea, my friend!

You want a site full of content and engagement first so that when you write sponsored posts, your followers will actually be interested in them.

Finding Opportunities

The easiest way to make money blogging is by writing sponsored posts for brands. As long as you’re not being too pushy or promoting a product that’s related to your niche, you can make some cash by writing about a brand’s new initiative.

You can usually find sponsored post opportunities on company websites, social media pages, and job boards. Just be sure that you disclose any relationships between yourself and a brand—and remember that it’s still considered advertising,

So only promote things you use and truly believe in. If possible, secure a fee for your work (usually around $50) so you know exactly how much money to expect when it’s finished.

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Reaching Out for Business

If you want to be successful as a sponsored-post blogger, it helps to have an established presence on social media. You’ll want to do most of your networking on Twitter and Facebook and a little bit of networking on LinkedIn. Go out of your way to connect with key players in your industry on these sites—it will help build your profile and visibility.

You should also go out of your way to connect with thought leaders in sponsored blogging, even if they are outside of your industry; if you seem knowledgeable about their line of work, people might think you’re a good match for their business or company.

Completing the Task

Creating your own sponsored post is a great way to monetize your site and earn some additional income. Simply write a review or create an interesting infographic around a product or company of interest, then contact that company and see if they would be willing to provide you with products for free in exchange for you writing about them on your site.

If so, give it a try! Even if no one buys anything from your website, creating sponsored posts allows you to increase brand awareness and build trust with readers. That’s powerful stuff!

Getting Paid

You can expect to be paid by check. If your post involves a product, you may get paid for samples. You might also be able to barter your services for other products. After your first successful sponsored post or two,

you can use that success as leverage to negotiate higher rates with future advertisers. Rates will vary widely depending on what type of website you have and who is buying (bloggers vs industry sites). But here are some rough estimates

Keeping Track of Payments

Sponsored posts are typically paid at flat rates, meaning that you’ll be paid a set fee to write about a product. However, not all sponsored posts are created equal. Some may offer a flat rate while others pay per click-throughs or impressions instead of an overall flat rate.

Some companies will also charge additional fees if you use certain phrases as I loved or I recommend (they feel those words indicate bias on your part). On top of that, it is best to negotiate for a payment based on impressions instead of clicks as some people will click on sponsored content even if they have no intention of purchasing anything from it.

Negotiating Prices

Before you accept any offers, figure out how much your time is worth. Think about what you’d charge a friend to do your work for them, and add 10 percent to account for taxes and unexpected costs (many sponsors will require exclusivity and won’t pay for multiple submissions).

Then set an hourly rate for each project—whether it’s one of your regular clients or a sponsored post—and stick with it. Most sponsored posts will be fairly easy to price out at $50-$100 an hour; product reviews or tutorials are less straightforward but can still follow that structure. If a potential sponsor wants something outside of that range, suggest they hire someone else who specializes in that type of work.

sponsored network

we have 7 sponsored networks joining our list, offering you paid blogging opportunities. The latest edition of the Content Marketing World Guide has been published, bringing you the best content marketing blogs, tools, and news from the industry.

  • Real Clever.
  • Linqia
  • Tap Influence
  • Acorn
  • Blog Meets Brand
  • Aspire IQ
  • Izea

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