Longest Mission Of Chinese Astronauts: Return to Earth

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Three Chinese astronauts returned to Earth after 183 days in space. This is the longest space mission ever for China’s ambitious space program. According to a report broadcast by China’s state broadcaster CCTV, the group, consisting of two male and one female astronauts, spent more than six months on China’s Tiangong Corps module ‘Tianhe’ or ‘Paradise Palace’ space station.

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At 9:56 a.m. Beijing time, a small space capsule named Shehnzo 13 landed safely on Earth. Earlier, China sent the longest space mission to its space station for a period of three months. Astronauts Wang Yaping, Zbai Zigang, and Pei Guanfu told CCTV that they were feeling well after the landing of the Shehnazu 13 in the Gobi Desert in northern Inner Mongolia after a six-month mission.

During the mission, Wang became the first Chinese woman to walk in space, and the three astronauts also gave high school students physics lectures from space. The Tiangong Core module Tianhe was launched in April last year. Beijing plans to complete the construction of its own space station this year by adding two more modules, but officials have not yet announced a launch date for Tiangong’s next mission.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the launch site on the southern island of Wenchang, Benin, from where the Tianhe module was launched into orbit. President Xi told military program staff in military uniforms that “continue to work for the development of global aerospace and the critical strategic needs of national aerospace.” Was excluded on the grounds that its space program was run by the military wing of the ruling Communist Party, the People’s Liberation Army.

China was the third country, after the former Soviet Union and the United States, to send its own astronauts into space. China sent its first astronaut into space in 2003 and landed the spacecraft on the moon in 2013 and on Mars last year. Chinese officials are also working on a mission to send their crew to the moon. The Beijing government announced in 2020 that China’s first reusable spacecraft had landed after a successful test flight, but no photos or details of the spacecraft have been released.

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