Google Announces Advertising in YouTube Shorts

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Google has announced the launch of Advertising in YouTube Shorts worldwide. The announcement was made by the company at its Marketing Live event this week. Google has been experimenting with advertising on YouTube shorts since last year.

The company says that in the next part of this year, advertisers will be able to link their product feeds to their campaigns and create their own video ads on YouTube. YouTube Short’s rival video-sharing application TechTalk already has Shoppable Video Ads available. These are ads that run during the short-term video and do not require a browser change.

Jerry Dashker, Google Aids Vice President and General Manager, said in a blog post that the launch of the ads is an exciting milestone for advertisers and an important step towards a lasting solution to the financial problems for the creators of YouTube shorts.

Last year, YouTube allocated 10 million to the creators’ fund for Advertising in YouTube Shorts. The company says the fund has been used to pay thousands of creators. According to the company, more than 40% of creators who received funds from the fund last year did not monetize their content on YouTube. The company added that YouTube paid more than 30 30 billion to content creators before November 2020. There are 30 billion views daily on YouTube shorts. The number of views is four times higher than last year.

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