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It happens in life that we may face different problems and these problems may be of different types.

Types Of Stress:

The most basic issue is health. A healthy person suddenly finds out that he has high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer. One could be a health issue.

Or there may be a problem with the financials that someone’s business has been ruined and he has suffered financial losses which also makes him suffer from depression.

There may be a social problem or a fight at home or there may be various problems in the office where you are working. There can be a lot of problems like this which cause negative thoughts to start coming in you which we call stress.


The simplest solution to all these problems is not to call them a problem but to consider them as challenges. Because when you have a problem, you get buried under that problem, but when you have challenges, you try to deal with it. You lose when you deal with problem, but you grow when you deal with challenges.

Assuming you have a lot of weight in your hand as a torch, you will fall down. This is a problem, but if a trainer puts gym weight on hand and says pick it up, it is a challenge. As a result of the first, I will fall down, but as a result of the second challenge, my muscles will start to form.

Effects Of Stress:

Whenever we feel any pressure on us whether it is financial or emotional or psychological or social, domestic, national or any other pressure on us we consider it as a problem which is called stress.

But if we change our mindset and call any issue that comes our way a challenge instead of an issue, we will see how I will deal with it.

But in the beginning it happens that we control the stress but when the stress starts to increase, we lose control of it and suffer from various problems.

In fact, no matter how much the problem is from the outside, but when we lose courage from the inside, we become weak and then we have no control over the stress. The more stress we have or the more challenges we face.

Some Other Types:

One of the things we call eustress is the stress that is normal which is very important for the growth of life which is very important for you to move forward. It can happen to you in your office or even at home. This eustress is very important for life. Like you have to work hard to move forward in life. It is also a types of stress.

The second is the cataract in which we cannot tolerate problem and suffer from various diseases which make our health worse and then we do not feel like doing any work and we hate life which is called stress. The stronger our potential, the easier it will be for us to cope.

Now the Question is How Do We Increase Our Inner Capacity?

To increase your inner capacity, remember that every stress hurts us. There are some worries that we create for ourselves, that is, we create things in our own minds that do not actually happen and by thinking such things, we ourselves become victims of stress. We must avoid it.

Ways to Avoid Stress:

First of all, we need to change the way we live, because living the same life can be stressful. Because Allah has changed our mood, our mood keeps changing. When we change our mood, our way of life, stress also starts to decrease automatically.

A problem is like time has to solve which you have no emphasis on. If you have an injury, the doctor says it will take three days to heal. You can’t support it. Similarly, there are many problems in the world that you can’t solve, you can just wait to get well.

While there are some issues that require attention that you have to work a little hard to solve. If you work hard and try to solve the problem then you can solve the problem easily but if you do not pay attention to it, then this problem will one day become a big problem for you and you will be stressed.

People who are good at dealing with stress are those who have the ability to think for themselves, so they can easily overcome their stress. There are some people who are not in the habit of sharing their worries, they are quietly enduring their worries, while there are some people who share their worries with people, because of which the solution to their worries. Also found.

You have to try to figure out with what temperament nature has created me. Some people change themselves over time. They change themselves over time.

Such people are less prone to stress and they spend their lives laughing happily. Such people live longer and are healthier as people move with the times.

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