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Heart Attack

The number of heart patients in the world is very high. There was a time when science said that people under the age of forty do not have a heart attack and before that it said that people under the age of fifty do not have a heart attack.

But today you see that the disease is spreading so fast in the younger generation that you see a friend of yours who is 22 years old, 25 years old, 30 years old. Suddenly you see that your loved one They leave the world.


This is a growing problem of a heart attack so fast. What is happening? What is going on in your heart and what are the signs that you should know first that these symptoms have started coming into me if I don’t do this treatment, I will have a heart problem and then I will have a heart attack and I will lose my life.

Because when this happens, within a few minutes your soul leaves the body, and one thing you will keep in mind. The situation that is happening now is not that you survive every time. But there are some people who leave this world for the first time.

This thing is growing rapidly in the younger generation. The first thing you have to understand is why this happens.

One thing to remember is that it does not happen suddenly, it is followed by many years of affairs, and then suddenly comes a stage where the blood supply to the heart stops meeting and you leave the world.

First of all, it is important to understand what a heart attack is and who it is.

You have to analyze within yourself that there is no such sign inside you Find it out and save yourself. Because when this attack happens, it is so dangerous that you die within a few seconds.

Why does a heart attack occur?

There is a part of the human body called the heart and its main function is to pump blood. There are about five liters of blood inside our body and the heart pumps up to seventy milliliters of blood with each beat. Take the example of a healthy person whose heart beats seventy times a minute, then the heart pumps 4.9 liters of blood per minute.

That is, you may think you have a small heart, but how big the work is. In fact, the blood that it pumps is the veins in your body called arteries that supply blood to your whole body. It works as long as you live. When your arteries become hard or constricted, they become blocked.

These arteries are even thinner than human hair. When the blood thickens, there is no blood supply inside them and the blood does not reach the heart, then you feel pain and suddenly you have a heart attack.

But in general, everyone thinks that a heart attack happened suddenly, but it does not happen. When you have a heart attack, the symptoms start to appear a few years or so ago.

What are these symptoms and how do digest them?

Heart attack means sudden blockage of the arteries of the heart which causes severe pain in the chest of the patient which we call a heart attack. The initial symptoms of which are pain or pressure in the heart while walking.

This pain can be on the cheeks, neck, or both hands. Patients with chest pain may experience cold sweats, nervousness, or increased heart rate. You should go to the hospital immediately if these symptoms appear.

You know what a heart attack is. Now let’s fix their symptoms. The first symptom is pain in your chest if you feel slight pain and then the pain spreads to another part of the body especially the opposite hand and then the pain starts in different parts of you.

It happens and then you start getting upset. This pain occurs in different parts of the body and then stops, but you should not take this pain lightly at all.

Whenever you have this condition, you have to consult a doctor, ie you feel vomiting, enzymes, and various kinds of discomfort.

You feel like you are afraid of various things besides cough etc. If this is happening to you and it is happening permanently or after some submission, then understand that things are bad. Don’t worry, it will make things easier for you if you catch something early.

When you have a problem with blood pressure, your blood thickens, which causes the blood supply to be cut off. The simple solution is to try to keep yourself calm so you don’t get tense. And stay away from things that cause you tension.


The first thing a heart attack patient should do is give aspirin or nitroglycerin. This brings the blade under control and greatly reduces the chances of having a heart attack.

If someone falls dizzy and has nausea and heart palpitations, they should be taken to the hospital immediately. And if there is no heartbeat or no breathing, then CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is to be given, that is, the patient’s chest has to be pressed hard with his hands, about a hundred times a minute. That the patient’s heart, which had stopped beating, began to beat again.

You have to avoid secret smoking, that is, those who drink secrets will have a heart attack at some point.

Things that are high in cholesterol, such as burgers and other things to avoid. Also, stay away from fatty foods.

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